Drag & Drop Questions

Câu hỏi #1Complete each sentence with a word/phrase from the box.

  • drum
  • paintings
  • conical hats
  • pottery
  • lacquerware

1. These products are called because they are decoratively covered with lacquer.

2. To play this , you should use your hands, not sticks.

3. This vase is a beautiful piece of . It‟s made from clay dug from our river banks.

4. Lots of Vietnamese girls like wearing and Ao Dai.

5. When I am on holiday, I usually buy as souvenirs because I love works of art.

Câu hỏi #2Fill in the gap with the most suitable phrasal verb.

  • get on
  • take off
  • look for
  • throw it away
  • try on
  • turn down
  • switch on
  • turn off
  • put out
  • Fill in

1. “Please the radio, I can‟t concentrate on my work”.

2. Quick! the bus. It‟s ready to leave.

3. I don‟t know where my book is. I have to it.

4. It‟s dark inside. Can you the light, please?

5. the form, please.

6. I need some new clothes. Why don‟t you these jeans?

7. It‟s warm inside your coat.

8. This pencil is really old. You can

9. It‟s so loud here. Can you the radio a little?

10. The firemen were able to the fire in Church Street.

Câu hỏi #3Write a handicraft under picture.

  • weaving
  • pottery
  • marble sculpture
  • embroider
  • lantern
  • conical hats
  • knitting
  • Dong Ho paintings





Câu hỏi #4Fill in the blank with ONE suitable word from the box to complete the passage.

  • difficulties
  • fluent
  • abroad
  • came

As a child, Phong always dreamed of going (1)  to study. After he graduated from high school, his parents sent him over to New Zealand to attend college. Phong was very happy that his dream finally (2) true. When he first arrived in the country, Phong‟s English was not very good, and sometimes he did not understand what other people said. He also had (3) in class because he was not familiar with the new teaching and learning method. He felt lonely in this new place and missed all his friends in Vietnam. After two years, Phong is now very (4) in English and has achieved the top academic award at his school. He has a lot of friends from different countries. He is even good (5) at earning money for his daily needs from his part-time job at a restaurant. Now he realizes that studying abroad is such a good experience.