Đề Tiếng Anh Khối 7


Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each question:


Making a film takes a long time and is very hard work. Writing the story for the film may take many weeks. Filming the story being acted - or shooting the film, as it is called - often takes at least six months. Actors and cameramen work from very early in the morning until late at night. Each scene has to be acted and reacted, filmed and refilmed, until it is just right. Sometimes the same scene may have to be acted twenty or thirty times.

  1. Each scene has to be acted and reacted
  2. Actors and cameramen work from very early in the morning

The film studio is like a large factory, and the indoor stages are very big indeed. The scenery of all kinds is made in the studio. Churches, houses, castles and forests are all built of wood and cardboard. Several hundred people work together to make one film. Some of these people are actors and actresses. The director of the film, however, is the most important person in a film studio. He decided how the scenes should be filmed and how the actors should act.

Most people go to see a film because they know the film stars in it. Sometimes the film may be very poor. It is best to choose a film made by a good director. Some famous directors make their films very real. People feel that they themselves are among the people in the film.

Câu hỏi #1Shooting a film often takes __________

Câu hỏi #2Some scenes have to be filmed many times because ___________

Câu hỏi #3Which of the following is compared to a factory?

Câu hỏi #4We should choose a film which ___________


Câu hỏi #5Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part

Question 1. A. chemist B. school C. chance D. chaos
Question 2. A. clothes B. watches C. benches D. classes
Question 3. A. kite B. cookie C. hike D. knit

Câu hỏi #6Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence

Question 1. I don’t think it will come true soon; however, your idea is really (IMAGINE)

Question 2. Thomas Edison is one of the greatest in history. (INVENT)

Question 3. (or the state of having no home) is a significant social issue worldwide. (HOME)

Question 4. Life in the city is more than that in the countryside. (STRESS)

Question 5. We couldn’t see the airplane because it behind the cloud. (APPEAR)

Câu hỏi #7Choose the best answer A, B, C or D

Question 1. He became …………………….when a journalist asked him questions about his private life.

A. embarrass                               B. embarrassed

C. embarrassing                         D. embarrassingly

Question 2.  …………………….do the buses run? – Every ten minutes.

A. How                                       B. How many

C. How often                              D. What time

Question 3. Cyclists must …………………….for pedestrians when they are cycling along the country lane.

A. see off                                   B. look out

C. avoid                                     D. observe

Question 4. We will cut down on the use of natural gas because it is ……………… and harmful to the environment.

A. plenty                                    B. limited

C. available                               D. abundant

Question 5. If we go on …………………….electricity, we will have to pay a lot next month.

A. wasting                                 B. increasing

C. turning on                             D. making

Câu hỏi #8Read the following passage and choose the best word for each blank.

  • early
  • with
  • gap
  • plan
  • population

Young people can bring enthusiasm, energy, creativity and flexibility to an organization. If your organization works (1) young people, in any way, young volunteers can add value to your services by bringing a youth perspective through new ideas, theories and knowledge. They will also help bridge the (2) between generations. Engaging with young people also allows your organization to (3) for the future and help to prevent your volunteer base from shrinking over time, as the ageing of the (4) begins to affect the ways in which people volunteer. Having young people in your organization contributes to the future of volunteering and the community – people who start volunteering (5) tend to continue to volunteer for the rest of their lives.


Câu hỏi #9Use the words given and other words to complete the second sentence

Question 1. We shall be using wind power at this time next year. (used)

=> Wind power at this time next year.

Question 2. I will be with my brother in Son La Hydro Power Plant at this time next week. (staying)

=> At this time next week I my brother in Son La Hydro Power Plant.

Question 3. Solar panels will be put in the back yard next Saturday. (put)

=> They in the back yard next Saturday.


Câu hỏi #10

The diagrams below show the existing ground floor plan of a house and a proposed plan for some building work.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

You should write at least 150 words.