Đề Tiếng Anh khối 10

Exercise #1Find a suitable heading for each paragraph. One heading is not used.

Then and Now: How the Classroom has Changed with Technology

New technology tools and resources are making it easier to engage students in complex studies at all age levels helping to foster a robust and interactive learning environment. From the integration of computers in every classroom to the use of webbased resources to support lessons, technology is changing how children get information, process it and apply it to their lives.

Paragraph A: Teachers are no longer at the center of the classroom in tech-driven learning climates because technology allows students to play a more active role in their education pushing them to be active thinkers about presented information, make critical choices and execute skills more efficiently. Teachers play more of a facilitator role guiding students through planned assignments and tasks with instructional support.

Paragraph B: Teachers agree that technology boosts student motivation in the classroom. Not only are they eager to take on a task, but they are able to receive instant feedback through many computer programs giving students a sense of accomplishment. Paragraph C: Technology touches every part of a child's day and will continue to do so throughout their future. Early exposure to computer programs and technical applications prepares them for future projects that are more complex and high-level.

Paragraph D: In addition to increased motivation, teachers agree that technologydriven lessons help to facilitate collaborative learning environments where students interact with their peers providing academic and technical support to their classmates.

List of headings

1. Paragraph A : i. Motivated teachers
2. Paragraph B: ii. A collaborative learning environment
3. Paragraph C: iii. Improved technical skills
4. Paragraph D: iv. An active learning environment
  v. Motivated students

Exercise #2Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions.

  • courts
  • facet
  • was approved
  • up
  • gender
  • found
  • dismantling
  • control



The feminist movement of the 1960s and  70s originally focused on (1) workplace inequality via anti-discrimination laws. In 1964, Representative Howard Smith of Virginia proposed to add a prohibition on (2) discrimination into the Civil Rights Act that was under consideration. With leadership from Representative Martha Griffiths of Michigan, the law (3) with the amendment intact. However, the newly established Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would not enforce the law's protection of women workers, and so a group of feminists including Betty Friedan decided to (4) an organization that would fight gender discrimination through the (5) and legislatures. In 1966, they launched the National Organization for Women (NOW). Betty Friedan's generation sought not to dismantle the prevailing system but to open it (6) for women's participation on a public, political level. However, the more radical “women's liberation” movement was determined to completely overthrow the patriarchy that they believed was oppressing every (7) of women's lives, including their private lives. They popularized the idea that “the personal is political” – that women's political inequality had equally important personal ramifications, encompassing their relationships, sexuality, birth (8)  and abortion, clothing and body image, and roles in marriage, housework and childcare. As such, the different wings of the feminist movement sought women's equality on both a political and personal level.

Exercise #3Listen to some research findings about how men and women are responsible for housework nowadays. Decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

According to the research’s findings,

1. Modern women are working more hours and doing more housework than men. 

2. Men spent one third as long on housework as women. 

3. Only 5 men in the research said that they didn't do anything at home. 

4. Most men understand that they should share housework with women but most of them fail to do so. 

5. Women still have equal opportunities at work without more housework support from men. 

Exercise #4Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Country music is one of the most popular kinds of music in the United States today. Maybe, country music is very popular because it is about simple but strong human feelings and events like love, sadness, good times and bad times. It tells real life stories and sounds the way people really talk. As life becomes more complicated and difficult, it is good to hear about simple ordinary people.

Country music is sometimes called country-western music. It comes from two kinds of music. One is the traditional music of the people in the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States. The other is traditional, cowboy music from the American West. The singers usually play guitars or electric guitars when they sing.

Country music became very popular in the South. During World War II, thousands of people from the South moved to the Northeast and the Midwest to work in factories. They took their music with them. Soldiers from the rest of the country went to army camps in the South and learned to like country music there. Slowly, it became popular all over the United States.

Question 1. Country music is very popular because _______________________.

A. it's about strong human feelings

B. it's about events like love, sadness

C. it tells about good times, bad times

D. all are correct

Question 2. Country music is _______________________.

A. the traditional music of the people in the eastern United States 

B. considered as the cowboy music from the American West

C. sometimes called country-western music

D. from two kinds of music which haven't been widely known

Question 3. According to the passage, it's untrue to say that ____________________________.

A. Country music became very popular in the South

B. Factory workers took country music with them from the South

C. Country music was brought from the South by soldiers

D. Gradually, country music became popular all over the United States

Question 4. The best title for the passage is _______________________________.

A. Country music

B. Music in the United States

C. The Formation of Country Music

D. The Benefits of Country Music

Question 5. The singers usually play _________________________ when they sing.

A. drum and violins

B. guitars or electric guitars

C. the music instruments

D. guitars and piano