Quiz With Duration Limited

Exercise #1Complete the sentences using the types of holidays in the box.

  • a family holiday
  • a language exchange
  • a beach holiday
  • an adventure holiday
  • a city break

1 You can do lots of activities like cycling and horse-riding on                            

2 My friends want to go on , but I don’t enjoy relaxing all the time.

3 I went on to Paris. It was interesting to visit all the museums. 

4 My sister is going on and will stay with a host family in Italy.

5 I went on with my parents and we camped by a lake.


Exercise #2Complete the table using the holiday activities in the box

  • go on cultural visits
  • go on cycling tours
  • go mountain climbing
  • see famous buildings
  • go shopping
  • stay with host families
  • see local attractions
  • try traditional food
  • visit beach resorts
  • visit water parks
  • go horse riding
  • go on day trips
city break adventure holiday beach holiday language exchange













Exercise #3Read the conversation and underline the correct answer.

A: going on holiday?

B: Yes, I always have a great time on holiday with my family.

A: I do, too. Where ?

B: Usually we go on a beach holiday but last summer we on a city break.   

A: What there?

B: Well, because my parents going to the theatre, to see a play by a

famous British writer.

A: good? plays. I think  they are boring.

B: I thought that, too, but this one at all. It was really fun.