Listening For Ielts - One Page Layout

Exercise #1Complete the note below

Part 1: Question 1 - 10

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer

Bankside Recruitment Agency

  • Address of Agency: 497 Eastside Docklands
  • Name of agent: Becky (1)
  • Phone number: 07866 510333
  • Best to call her in the (2)

Typical Jobs

  • Clerical and admin roles, mainly in the finance industry
  • Must have good skills.
  • Jobs are usually for at least one (4)
  • Pay is usually (5) £ per hour

Registration process

  • Wear a to the interview
  • Must bring your to the interview
  • They will ask questions about each applicant's

Advantages of using an agency

  • The you receive at the interview will benefit you
  • Will get access to vacancies which are not advertised 
  • Less is involved in applying for jobs


Exercise #2Part 2 - Question 11 - 14

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C

Matthews Island Holidays

11. According to the speaker, the company

A has been in business for longer than most of its competitors

B arranges holidays to more destinations than its competitors

C has more customers than its competitors

12 Where can customers meet the tour manager before traveling to the Isle of Man?

A Liverpool

B Heysham

C Luton

13   How many lunches are included in the price of the holiday?

A three

B four 

C five

14 Customers are included in the price of the holiday?

A guaranteeing themselves a larger room

B booking at short notice

C transferring to another date


Question 15 - 20

Complete the table below

Write one word and/ or a number for each answer

 Timetable for the Isle of Man holiday
  Activity Notes
 Day 1  Arrive

Introduction by manager

 Hotel dinning room has view of the (15)

 Day 2  Tynwald Exhibition and Peel

 Tynwald may have been founded in (16) not 979 


 Day 3  Trip to Snaefell

Travel along promenade is a tram, train to Laxey, train to the (17) of Snaefell.


 Day 4  Free day  Company provides a (18) for local transport and heritage sites
 Day 5  Take the (19) railway train from Douglas to Port Erin  Free time then coach to Castletown former (20) has old castle
 Day 6  Leave   Leave the island by ferry of plane