Complex Quiz With Introduction - One Page

Exercise #1add a tag

1. A. pressure B. depressed C. expect D. relaxed

2. A. encourage B. empathy C. embarrassed D. remember

3. A. delighted B. continue C. medicine D. situation

4. A. advice B. sympathize C. decide D. responsibility

5. A. collaboration B. particularity C. manage D. activate

Exercise #2Fill in the blank with a suitable word given below.

  • go around
  • keep up with
  • find out
  • set up
  • feature
  • metropolitan
  • packed
  • roundabout
  • get over
  • melting-pot

1. This medicine will help you from your illness. 

2. Some people believe that skyscrapers are a of big cities.

3. We have to more schools to meet the demand of the increasing numbers of children in the area.

4. HCM city is like a of people from different areas.

5. While visiting Da Nang, we all the World Heritage Sites nearby.

6. You need to the key; otherwise, we can‟t get into our home.

7. The is a kind of circular junction, where traffic flows continuously around a central island.

8. It is difficult to the rapid pace of change in big cities.

9. The area includes the city itself, and the surrounding suburbs or other

urban areas.

10. During the morning and evening rush hours, cities often become with

people and vehicles.

Exercise #3

Read the following passage and fill in the gap with one suitable word.

opportunity         drawbacks       well-lighted        problems        unlike        education     

advantages         air-pollution             harmful          with

City life is full of advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of (1) of living in a city. The people who live in cities enjoy some special facilities and comforts (2) the village people. Their houses are modern, streets are (3) . They can go shopping and buy everything they need. In case of sickness, they can avail the treatment of best doctors. Moreover, they can receive (4) in schools, colleges and universities of high standard. They can also visit libraries, parks, museums and so on to stimulate their minds. However, city life has some (5) too. The city life is very fast. Everybody is rushing for a better life, better luck, and a better (6) . In the city areas, people usually use vehicles run by fossil fuels, which cause heavy smoke. Those smoke causes (7) . Thus, people living in urban areas take the soup of chemicals. We don‟t see the (8) gasses but we inhale it. The fast life, the foul and smoky weather and dirty atmosphere cause health (9) . Last but not the least, city life is more or less artificial and monotonous. It has no touch (10) nature whatsoever.

Exercise #4Listen and decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. Time is the only waste caused by congestion.

2. In 2016, Bangkok was the city with the world‟s biggest rush hour traffic delays.

3. The traffic situation in Manila has been better than Bangkok.

4. The traffic situation of Bangkok in 2015 was better than in 2016. 

5. The traffic situation of Mexico improved between 2015 and 2016.