Blank Box Questions

Exercise #1Complete each sentence with a word/phrase from the box.

              paintings              pottery              drum             lacquerware             conical hats


1, These products are called because they are decoratively covered with lacquer.

2. To play this , you should use your hands, not sticks.

3. This vase is a beautiful piece of It‟s made from clay dug from our river banks.

4. Lots of Vietnamese girls like wearing and Ao Dai.

5. When I am on holiday, I usually buy as souvenirs because I love works of art.

Exercise #2Listen to the recording again and answer the questions below.

1. How long are cocoons boiled in vessels?   minutes

2. After being unwound, how long is each silk thread? meters

Exercise #3Change the following sentences into reported speech.

1. “Where did you spend your holidays last year?” she asked me.

- She asked me

2. He said, “Don‟t go too far.”

- He advised her

3. “You should take more exercise, Mr. Robert,” the doctor said.

- The doctor advised

4. “Will I find a job?”, Tim said to himself.

- Tim wondered

5. “When is the first day of your holiday, Peter?” Martha asked.

- Martha asked Peter when

Exercise #4Use the correct form of the words in the blank.

1, When you grow up, you will have more independence and more (responsible) as well.

2. She is no longer in her adolescence (adolescent)

3. I feel (worry) when I have to wait for the bus in that neighborhood. 

4. She is having too high (expect) from her parents. 

5. Mai is feeling so (delight) with her fashionable new hairstyle.